Dried Fish Market in Taboan, Carbon, Cebu

You must not leave Cebu without bringing home the famous danggitDanggit are small variants of salted (and unsalted) dried fish that is very popular in Cebu.  Whenever someone goes to Cebu, we would always ask them to bring us danggit, dried mangoes or otap from Shamrock.

If there’s a good place to get fresh and cheap danggit or any dried fish for that matter, it would be the Taboan Market in Carbon Market, Cebu.  Carbon Market is the biggest public market in Cebu.  Taboan is just a couple of minutes walk from Carbon.


Taboan sells almost all kinds of dried fishes and other dried sea foods in Cebu. Taboan’s prices is relatively cheaper as compared to those being sold in malls and supermarkets.  Aside from the cheaper price, you can always haggle with the vendors for a lower selling price.

Dried fish

Danggit is usually fried and served with garlic rice and tomatoes during breakfasts.  It is paired with vinegar and chili pepper as its dip. My personal favorite is the pinakurat na suka from Iligan and Cagayan de Oro.  Danggit best served right after it is cooked since it loses its crispness after a few hours.  There are different variants of danggit being sold.  Salted, unsalted and tocino are among the popular variants.


Aside from Danggit, as mentioned earlier, Taboan also sells different kinds of dried fishes and other sea foods. They sell bagoong (shrimp paste), hebi (dried prawns), bottled oysters, and dried squid among others.

Jehzeel eating a giant fried fish

Jehzeel ‘nomnoming’ a giant dried fish.

How to get there?

Using the public transport is very difficult especially if you’re not familiar with the public transport routes of Cebu.  The best I can suggest is to take a cab from anywhere in Cebu.  Tell the cab driver to bring you to Taboan.  Since Taboan is very popular among Cebuanos, surely no cab driver can make a mistake of not finding the place.  If you’re within Cebu City, cab fare won’t exceed 150 pesos.  Taboan is only a few minute ride from the Osmeña Circle.

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    1. pwd po bang ma copy yung map mo sa website nato??? needed lng kasi report namin tong tabo-an tas nghahanap kami ng pinaka magandang map na nadyan na rin yung bopunderies…tas nakita ko…pwd ba??/

  1. whoaw…sarap ah, pero tataas talga uric acid mo nito…whew!

    ang kidney stones lalaki ng lalaki….hahaha

    @jehz! wawawa..makaka UTI ka cgurado..


  2. I am curious…what is the current price for dried squid by the kilo? Is there also mechanically dried squid and if so what is that price. Im coming soon and my Filipino friends all demand some cebu dried squid!..lol Many thanks.

  3. hehehe…sarap ng danggit!! lab it!!! d tlga ako bmabalik ng manila ng wla akong dalang danggit, pusit, dried mango, otap lahat nah….hahahaha … aun (^_^)

  4. what other fares does the Market has? My colleagues and I are travelling back to Manila on the same day we are gonna go market hunting for pasalubongs and since we will live near University of San Carlos is it near?

    1. Hi Sam, no i’m not from Cebu. I’m sorry I don’t know how much ang selling price ng danggit in Cebu ngayon. It has been a while.

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