Road Tripping to Avilon Zoo


Last holy week, I, together with Jeff, Maki and her college friend, Mica, and Kuya Andrew, went on road a trip to Rizal to check the Avilon Zoo. First Fail, we’re supposed to leave San Juan at 2 pm but we weren’t able since Mica and I were an hour late (doh).

None of us have been to Avilon before and we only have a piece of map written in a crumpled piece of paper as our guide in getting to the zoo.  Since Maki brought her car with her, our group decided that she and her friend will follow Kuya Andrew’s car on our way to Rizal.  Second Fail, everything was smooth during the firt part of our trip not until we made a detour to a small road off the main highway because the main road is undergoing some repair.  We were only following the vehicles ahead of us and we had no idea where we were going.  It took us an hour and half to locate Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal.  Thanks to the detours and road repairs that we have to through.

Gate to Avilon Zoo

Third Fail, there was nothing waiting for us at Avilon Zoo except for the closed gates of the park. We arrived there at 4:45 and little that we know, the zoo closes at 4:30. Since we can’t force the security personnel of the park to let us in, we decided to take photos outside instead.

Avilon Zoo

Though we were not able to see the park, nonetheless, the road trip was fun enough to keep us awake from the boredom of holy week.

Quick Facts on Avilon Zoo

  • The Avilon Montalban Zoological Park is the largest zoological park in the Philippines
  • Avilon Zoo is located at Barrio San Isidro, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal, Philippines.

Map to Avilon Zoo

Unwatermarked photos courtesy of Maki Eduardo

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  1. alam kong napakaganda ng avilon zoo, excited na me to visit and I will invite all my friends to come and experience the one in a kind biggest zoological park in the country today…and avilon here I come

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