Hidalgo-Quiapo, A Camera Haven

Nikon D90

If you’re planning of getting a brand new camera, whether it’s a DSLR or a point and shoot, then forget the malls. There’s a camera haven hidden among the sellers of fish and amulets inside Quiapo’s busy public market.  The Hidalgo street.

Hidalgo street is located near the Quiapo church and herein lies a stretch of Philippine’s best camera shops.  Hidalgo’s camera prices usually differs a few thousand lower than those being sold in the malls. Aside from that, most shops sell different kinds of cameras, camera accessories, lenses etc., which you can’t normally find in the shops inside the malls.

I bought my Nikon D90 from Hidalgo and I was able to get a good bargain from Henry’s.  I used the money I saved to buy an extra lens on top of the camera I bought.

To get to Hidalgo, you can take the LRT and hop off in Carriedo Station. From the Carriedo Station, enter fron entrance of  the SM building, which is just behind the station, and proceed to the Watson’s exit. The street behind SM is the Hidalgo Street.

For the list of Hidalgo Camera Shops, click here.

Here’s a clip of the map to Hidalgo:

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Hidalgo Camera Prices for 2011

Here are some insights on the current selling prices in Hidalgo for the latest camera models. (Actual prices may vary. I’ll try my best to update you with the latest prices.)


  • Nikon D5100 – P 36,000~
  • Nikon D5000 – P 27,000~
  • Nikon D3000 – P 23,500~
  • Nikon D3100 – P 26,000~
  • Nikon D300S (body) P59,000~
  • Nikon D700 – P 103,000~
  • Nikon D7000 (body) – P 48,000~
  • Nikon D7000 (kit) – P 58,500~
  • Nikon D90 (body) – P 33,500~
  • Nikon D90 (kit) – P 44,000~


  • Canon 1000D – P 23,800~
  • Canon 1100D – P 27,500~
  • Canon 500D – P 33,000~
  • Canon 550D – P 49,000~
  • Canon 5D Mark II Body – P 114,000~
  • Canon 600D (18-135IS) – P 54,000~
  • Canon 600D (18-55IS) – P 42,500~
  • Canon 60D (Body) – P 49,000~
  • Canon 60D (18-135IS) – P 64,000~
  • Canon 60D (18-55IS) – P 53,500~
  • Canon 7D Body – P75,000~



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  1. really? wow, that’s useful for me. I am currently on the lookout for a camera store that sells for a lower price. thank you! also, i hope you don’t mind that i nominated your site as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Blogger for this year. 🙂

  2. hi! i’m new here. i’m trying to find a canon eyepiece extender ep-ex15 for my 40D. can you help me please.. yung ep-ex15II kse maliit. fit siya kaso nga lang maliit tigna. tnx!

  3. some of my blogger friends na medyo napagtitripang maghilig magpicture picture eh dyan bumili sa Henry’s sa Hidalgo. malaki nga nadiscount nila lalo na kung 2 to 3 items bibilhin.

  4. hi guys. help! im a coolege student and im planning to buy dslr camera for my birthday and im planning to buy it in hidalgo. thus, nikon D40 or D60 is still availabe? and how much?
    or even canon dslr camera. im really saving for a dslr camera. help help help!!!

    1. I suggest you go check out the stores first before deciding which camera to buy. If you’re planning to stay on a basic photography level, i suggest you get a D60 or a 1000D. Both are equally good cameras and both of them are in the affordable range. If you’re planning to upgrade lenses, try also to check the prices for the upgrades (lenses and accessories) that you need.

      1. hi po, i am ray anak po ni Mr. Rolly sa santiago city,isabela (Rolly’s Studio) pwede po bang makuha number po ng may contact sa watson kasi nagttxt mo ang father ko per wala pong sumasagot..baka nagbago na daw po ng number.

  5. bago lng ako d2.. balak kng bumili ng bagong camera. at nikon sana naisip, nkagamit kc ako bagong nikon galing dyan sa hidalgo, nkkaddict kc.. suggestion lng annong maganda ngaun na nikon model para sa bagohan at affordable bilhin…:)

  6. i’m planning to buy a nikon d60 gold edition. may available pa kaya sa hidalgo? and how will i know na authorized dealers ung pagbibilhan ko? can you recommend some of the good stores there? salamat 😀

  7. available n daw ang d3000 sa hidalgo… any1 knows kng magkno ang d3000 kit.. pls :{ slmat!!! pra mi pagpilian ako between d60 & d3000..

  8. i’m really interested to know more about cameras and photography. but i’m also thinking about practicality.

    i really want to buy a Nikon D40 or D60, but these cameras only capture still images.

    i read n some article (i forgot what exactly) that there are some DSLRs that can capture videos? can anyone enlighten me on this?

    also, I was wondering where I could get my hands on a Samsung ST550?


    btw, nice blog!

  9. share ko lang nung nag inquire ako last Oct. 21, 2009 by phone.

    sa Henry’s:
    Canon 1000d kit-29K
    Canon 450d kit-35.5k
    Canon 500d kit-42.5k
    freebies: 4GB card
    may Canon warranty daw yang mga yan.

    sa Avenue:
    1000d kit-29k
    450d kit-36
    500d kit-43.5k
    free: 4GB card

    sa JT:
    1000d kit-29k
    450d kit-36k
    500d kit-44.5k
    free: 4GB

    sorry yan lang models na ininquire ko since yan lang mga pinagpipilian ko.
    hope this helps 🙂

  10. anyone who knows the price of nikon d60 now at hidalgo? im planning to buy kasi next week eh dito pa ko sa pampanga. thanks in advance! 🙂

  11. hellow.. ask ko lang po kung ano ung magandang dslr for a beginner like me? after my photography class na kasama sa curicculum namin as mc major in film i want to continue it as my passion.. i only have nikon f55 kasi.. hope u can help me..

  12. hi guys im planning to buy a d90 at hidalgo d you know what package or freebies that i can get… and what lenses and how much???
    juz txt me

  13. hi guys! same with you, i’m planning to buy nikon d3000. i suggest for those undecided what brand and model to buy, try visiting http://www.dpreview.com. Hope this help. 🙂

    Tanong ko rin, how can you be sure na pag bumili ka s hidalgo, e maiuuwi mo p ung camera mo? hehe. Medyo ntakot lng ako s ibang posts n may nhholdap dun.

    Thanks! More power Lakwatsero!

  14. Hope this helps.

    Aperture Trading Corporation
    Address: 5th Flr., Prosperity Bldg., 395 Banaue St., Quezon City
    Tel: 732-8991, 731-1708
    Fax: 741-9743 (telefax)
    E: aperturetrade@yahoo.com
    Contact: Frank Tsai
    Products: Visio, Falcon Eyes, Nikon, Canon, Tamrac, Image Tank, Compact Drive,

    Avenue Photo Supply
    Address: 712 R. Hidalgo St., Quiapo, Manila
    Tel: 733-2761, 733-5474, 734-3307
    E: avenue98@info.com.ph
    Contact: Wilson Lu
    Products: Quantum, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Slik, China brand lights, Radio receivers, Bulbs, Flash bulbs, Tamron, Tiffen, Domke, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford Film, Widest range of Lighting equiptment in Hidalgo.

    Address: 713 R. Hidalgo St., Quiapo, Manila
    Tel: 734-4471, 734-3304 to 05, 733-4565, 733-5531
    Fax: 733-5528
    E: fotolam@vasia.com
    Contact: Lety C. Uy
    Products: Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Rechargeable batteries, Lamination equiptment, Film, Dry boxes

    Henry’s Photo Supply
    Address: 310 P. Gomez St., Quiapo, Manila
    Tel: 733-7723, 734-6198
    Fax: 734-4018
    E: henryscamera@yahoo.com
    Contact: Henry Ong
    Products: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Assorted Studio lighting and lots of batteries

    Jerry Tieng
    E: jerry@photos.ph
    Products: Nikon, Canon, Olympus, good source of 2nd hand Lenses.

    JT Photoworld
    Address: 1132 Pedro Gil St., Paco, Manila
    Tel: 523-4396, 536-6590, 536-6591
    Fax: 521-3621
    E: inquiry@jtphotoworld.com
    Contact: Jerome Tan
    Products: Distributes Sigma products, Cameras and Lenses for Nikon, Canon also has Flashes.

    Mayer Photo
    Address: 111, 113, 115 C. Palanca St., Quiapo, Manila
    Tel: 733-7598, 733-7722
    Look for: Ramon Ong
    Products: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, good source for high end lenses.

    Watson Photo Shop
    Address: 312 P. Gomez St., Quiapo, Manila
    Tel: 733-7697
    Look for: Philip King Tan Tang
    Products: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, Sunpak, Olympus

    Stronghand Incorporated
    74 A. Roces Ave., Quezon City.
    Tel. 373-2311
    Products: Lowepro gears

  15. Ok yung mga post natin mga master hopefully i can now decide na maka bili na ng DSLR ksi gusto lang ksi entry level photo oops eh ano po ba marerecommend nyo po mga master! Nikon brand!

  16. hmmmm i want t have a dslr din.. hmmm and i want to focus sana on micro photography (tama ba term ko?) whta would be a convenient alternatives for macro lenses? hehe nag-uumpisa pa lang kasi ako.. and bdw i would like to start sana on canon 1000d.. i hope i could get feedback.. ^^,

  17. hi there.. ask lang sana ako.. gusto ko kasi sana bumili ng DSLR.. para sa, wala lang.. haha.. kasi been thinking, mas okay ata kung DSLR na lang kesa digicam.. pang picture taking lang talaga yung purpose ko.. not for photog class or whatsoever.. ano po mare-recommend nyo na bilhin?.. and sana yung mura lang.. thank you.. :))

  18. hi! grabe nakuha ko 48k sa mall ung canon eos 500d ko. laki sanang natipid ko kung sa hidalgo.. hehe.

    anyway, madami pa kaya silang available filters for 18mm-55mm kit lens?, and ano kayang advisable na susunod na lens after my kit lens? ung hndi sana masyadong pricey. hehe.

  19. Hi. i am from santiago city,isabela,Rolly’s Studio can you give your Cp # in watson (my number 09165275246)

  20. hi.. im planning to buy dslr cam anu ba maganda na dslr kso un medyo low price lang.. starter pa lang nmn ako sana kit nren sana.. thanks for helping..


      1. Hi Lakwatsero,

        reason for this is, well to go with what you said-

        Lakwatsero said:

        wow. thanks for sharing this one. I hope these can help our friends who want to buy cameras.

        instead of going all the way there, and who are new to photography and has no budget at all since DSLRs are still quite expensive even if its in hidalgo.

        I have no use for the 1000D since i already got my 500D(also in Hidalgo). If you find it uneccessary or offensive you may remove my post then. 🙂


          1. Well, 500D looks like 1000D hahaha! but way better.hehehe! extra cash wouldnt hurt as well. its definitely in good condition.

            i might also say hello to nikon hahaha!

    1. i believe its still at 42k, hopefully there are still stocks for you, or you mind end up getting one at a higher price, but its worth the added cash. its fun using the 500D

    1. i was at meyer’s yesterday. i was a bit hesitant coz the place was packed with customers. and they didn’t have what i was looking for so i headed back to henry’s after trying squeezing myself in the meyer crowd. mang ramon’s shop is demand among photographers.

  22. Anyone knows where to have a DSLR personalized/customized? particularly the Body? reason for it is id like to put a name onto the Body itself just like the “500D” name at the lower part of the body?


      1. How bout stores that use the “strong” kind of material for those stickers?! so that it just wouldnt wear off.

        since 500D was out of stock in Hidalgo, im assuming a lot of users own 500D so it would be nice to have it personalized. bad news, was informed by Canon, warranty will not be honored anymore if personalized. haha!

        im avoiding exchnage of cams hehe! serial number is quite long

    1. older 2nd-3rd hand ones i guess? 🙂
      d40 says to be at 19,500-22k (brand new) which is a lower end model (6mp).id suggest you get d60 or my 1000D hahaha!

        1. 15k?

          brand new d40 (2006)(6mp) sells for 20-22k. you may try looking in hidalgo for a 2nd hand d40 to fit your budget.

          d60 or d3000 competes with 1000D which is at 26k.

          1000D (2008)but i got mine last april 2009(10mp) sells for 28.5k brand new in hidalgo. im selling it for 23k.ok 22K. haha!

  23. Lakwatsero, i read somewhere that Nikon Lenses are more expensive than canon? Therefore they suggest buying canon if you intend to get several kinds of lenses. if not then Nikon will be nice.except the warranty?

    1. yeah a bit of a prob ang service ng nikon ‘coz we don’t have an official nikon service center here in RP. pero based naman sa experience ko, mas tumatagal ang nikon compared to canon. i sent two canon rebels for servicing before because of shutter problems. hehehe. never pa with nikon. this is my second nikon body. 😀

  24. Sir Lakwatsero magkno bili mo nung D90 mo? mahal kasi dito sa middle east DSLR. Pa suggest naman kkung anong dapat kong gawin kung bibili ako nang D90, kailngan ba doy lang bilhin ko or Kit na. Salamat nang marami

  25. Sir Lakwatsero magkno bili mo nung D90 mo? mahal kasi dito sa middle east DSLR. Pa suggest naman kung anong dapat kong gawin kung bibili ako nang D90, kailngan ba body lang bilhin ko or Kit na. Salamat nang marami

    1. I got my D90 Body for 45k. Di ko na kinuha yung kit lens kasi feeling ko di ko rin magagamit since i was planning of getting a telephoto and a portrait lens. I bought the 35mm f/1.8 instead. 😀 super sulit.

      1. is tokina a better brand than Sigma or Tamron? i have a sigma and im happy with it though im planning to buy a tamron or any other brand just so i have a collection haha! ofcourse i wont get a canon since its too00 branded. Hopefully nikon will come up with something similar with 550D/7D and or a better D90 haha!

    1. ah ok how much nman ang 500d mu if benta mu hehhehe planing 2 buy kasi i nid it na kaso kulang budget thats why im planing 2 buy second hand anu ba mas mganda d3000 or 1000d hehheh thankz

  26. I’m currently planning to buy a DSLR, could u help me choose between Canon EOS 500D and Nikon D5000. Gusto ko sana yong pangmatagalan, user friendly, at ok sa maliwanag at lalo na sa dim or low light. thanks.

    1. get my 500D ahahaha! pero seriously, i went for 500D kase feeling ko masisira agad ung lcd ng D5000 although cool sya kase any angle. 500D 920 dots, 230 lng ata D5000. iba rin presyo. i think ok both cams sa dilim, hitech na cams ngyn kase haha!

        1. thats 1 reason y i went with canon, 3 yr warranty kase, nikon bbyad ka extra sa columbia ba un? hehhe! but u gotta think y nga ba 3 yrs? sirain siguro? haha!

  27. hi po! since its my first time to buy a DSLR, do i need to buy the camera with the columbian warranty? or pwedeng wala po? kung baga malas ko lng talga kung ang matapat sakin ay defective

    1. you can actually check the camera for defects before buying it. the CDSC (columbia) warranty is for free servicing in case your camera breaks after you bought it. 🙂 it’s an advantage if you get the warranty. camera body repairs are usually expensive. 🙂

  28. mga sir, I’m just a 4th year h.s. student and I’m planning to buy my first DSLR. After graduation siguro. Pero ‘di ko pa sure kung makakabili ako. ahaha.

    I’m planning to buy a Nikon D60, kaso nga lang phased out na daw (sa mga malls). Meron pa kaya nito sa mga shops sa Quiapo? Ok sana yung D3000 kaso may mga features na nawala. Kasama rin sa list ko ‘yung Canon EOS 1000d tska EOS 450D. Ano sa tingin nyo mas maganda para sa first DSLR?

    salamat. : )

    1. d3000 is good, looks compact. d5000 is cool. since HS ka palang, 1000D kana mura pa hehehe if walang d60. but go for d3k un pamalit sa d60 daw

      1. so better nga if i buy d90,user friendly ba yun?beginner pa lang kasi ako.im planning to get enrolled sa photography class.nwei, thanks for the info.=)

  29. san kya pwede mag palinis ng lens eos 300d canon po pla 2. may dumi po kc lens nya efs 18-55 mm. tsaka ano po kya yung digital flash na mura para dito sa camera ko. wala me pambili ng mahal e.. thks.

  30. hello! which has cheaper DLSR cameras, singapore or hidalgo?
    where can i buy affordable canon cameras? please post prices from Hidalgo stores. i will be buying this week. and i dont know what model and where to buy. my budget is 20 to 30K. please help. thanks!

    1. kahit anong cam okey. Nasa gumagamit lng yon at importante darating ka sa point na you make your camera your SLAVE! That means galamay mo ang camera mo. Hence,it’s up to the user. Maganda before buy ng cam make some research kung ano fitting sa way of life mo para magEnjoy ka sa cam. I have Nikon D70 and Olympus digiCam and I like using either of them.

  31. @Patrick
    it depends, but i see more nikon users.


    Henrys. just look at the place haha! it should look credible.

    @apple ortiz

    just send me an email reh_kow@yahoo.com


    500D, but it depends if you’re into the tilt-and-swivel LCD which is only at 230k dots as compared to 920k of 500D.


    i think 42k kit 38k body maybe a little bit cheaper.

      1. meron ako binebenta canon 450d 25k, reason for selling gusto ko mag upgrade sa canon 7d..kung sino man interesado call or text me, 09157818358..

  32. Hi sir… pls help… new po kasi ako dito and want to buy cam. I prefer to buy nikon… D40 or D60.. pero balita ko phase out na daw d60, d3000 na daw?

    pls advise po….

    and wat specific store sa hidalgo…

    1. Hi sir… pls help… new po kasi ako dito and want to buy cam. I prefer to buy nikon… D40 or D60.. pero balita ko phase out na daw d60, d3000 na daw?

      pls advise po….

      and wat specific store sa hidalgo…

          1. dagdag ka nalang ng 8k naka D90 kana nimber 1 na midrange na dslr, actually it is called the low-end proffessional cam!!

  33. my 30d canon ako ma upgrde ako ng slr. 30d bigay ko lang ng 25k only 1yr. old palang maganda patalaga at bago pa. i2 # ko 09283128052. txt or call me. interested …. only great day.

  34. magkanu po kaya d5000 ngayun sa hidalgo kaninu po b nakakatawad ng bongang bonga? makakuha po kaya ako ng af-s dx vr 55-200mm if ed n lens ng mga 7k lng hehe brand new, plz help pa update ng price ng d5000 ung bottom rock price po ha.

  35. hello po im selling my canon1000d and all my accesories such as battery grip, tripod, lens 50mm (slightl,y defect), flash (sunpack), battery, insurance sa canon for one year, warranty for 3 years. low pro bag.. for only 34k please pm me or send me txt at 09327391284 or 09279712498.. urgent lang po

    reason for selling is no longer interested sa photgraphy. and my unit is very good condition hindi kayo mag sisi.. august ko po na buy with receipt and everyting na

  36. Guyz, anybody knows if henry or any store in hidalgo would accept trade-in…350d with kit lens wit all the accessories plus a canon 55-250mm IS lens. trading it for a d3000 kit.

  37. hi everyone.. galing aq Hidalgo kahapon,,

    and i am wondering saan ang Mayer?
    ndi ko sya napuntahan?

    anyone for example i am facing Henry’s should I go to my left and ilang stores po ang layo?

    please,, tnx

  38. I’m selling my canon 450d with kit lens with CPL filter, 24-135 mm tamron Aspherical LD IF 72, tripod for 35k. almost new pa sya. call me if interested at 5071257 tnx.

  39. built-in flash could not raised, already try on/off power switch. at menum built-in flash function setting, external flesh is attached pero hindi naka attached ang external flashed. need answer pls, tnx.

  40. Hi everyone,

    I’m selling my Nikon D60 Kit which I bought last Nov. 2008. The kit includes 18-55mm lens, Original Nikon Strap, Nikon Installer plus camera bag.

    The kit I am selling goes with Nikon 55-200mm lens (bought April 24 2010) and a tripod.

    I am selling all of these because I need a huge amount of money ASAP. Please send me an SMS if you’re interested.


  41. hello guyz,

    bottomline lng po..
    kano po yung sulit na dslr para sa isang beginner?
    canon or eos basta ung derecho na semi-pro na cam..sounds a bit stupid but i believe its worth it.

    tnx po sa effort sa reply..


  42. selling the ff lenses,

    55 Sigma Zoom 100-300mm f/4.5-6.7 DL; Nikon mount ?(PhP 2,000)

    55 Sigma Zoom 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6 II Macro; Nikon mount (PhP 3,700)

    Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super AF; Minolta mount (PhP 7,000)

    72 Sigma 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 DL Hyper zoom Macro AF; Minolta mount (PhP 5,800)

    pls txt 09175301694 if interested

  43. its my first time to buy po ng dlsr? canon po ba maganda and what model ? ano po difference pag bumili ka sa hidalgo at sa mall? thanks po!!

  44. @permalink

    malaki din po difference ng PRICE sa mall at sa hidalgo. makakamura ka tlga sa hidalgo. pansinin mo konti lng nagbebenta sa mall dahil nga sa mas mura yung benta sa hidalgo. mga brandnew din po yun at may warranty pa.

  45. hi how much ang d5000 ngaun sa hidalgo?any updates guys? pati d90 grey units both ha and may alam b kayo other seller ng pentax k-x dslr other that jonathan sia of camerahauz?

  46. alam ko hindi grey units sa hidalgo . pero 35k na lang sila same price with the grey units . tinanong ko kanina so dun ka na sa hidalgo may warranty pa

  47. 35k na nga ba yung d5k sa hidalgo?
    bilis magmahal parang gasolina..hehe
    actually kakabili ko lng ng d5k nung sabado (05/29/2010)@ 30k sa henry’s. mahal na nga yun para sakin. kac enovation lng na bag at 4gig lng freebies nakuha ko.

    pero satisfied pa rin ako sa ganda ng mga shots nito..=)

  48. pakshet nayan nung nirereview ko d5k 27k nlnlg price bat ngayun nag ballon n ng 35k?bkit anu reason?ung acceptable n reason ha.lhat b tumaas?pati d90?

    1. sir because after D3000 was released Hat’s off to D5000 that the CMOS sensor of it is worth investing compare to D3000. Which end up your photos Noise effect.

      If you have the D5K para na rin nag D90 ka , but AF-s lens will work manually.

      Its a Market flagdown that D5000 is worth buying , that’s why prices maintained to more demands and units returns for D3000.

  49. 1 more thing kung bibili ako ng d5k for example lng ha anu2 ang mganda ijoin sa kanya n lenses?hmm for portrait syempre,wide angle din para sa mga tanawin and syempre zoom for birds and etc. anu2 mganda?

    1. If you’re into landscape get a wider lens.

      But if you’re just new in photography , better start off sa Kitlens , for 18mm you can do even better than spending an UWA lens.

  50. @bot

    pre wag ka na lang bumili ng kit lens nya (18-55mm) kac cgurado ako mabibitin ka dun.
    body lang bilhin mo tapos bumili ka ng 18-200mm VR lens. pwede na yun.

    kung nag-uumpisa ka pa lng sa photography hindi pa advisable yung mga maxadong mahal na lens. on the way malalaman mo din ano kelangan mong mga lens. depende kac yan sa preference mo.

  51. ahh ok kz covered naman ng 18-200 ang 18-55 dv?ok naman ba sa tingin nyu ang pentax k-x 40k php sa camerahauz body+18-55mm+55-300mm lens

  52. Lakwatsero Blog good day.

    Hi Guys Im been lurkering on this blog.
    But anyhow those of you wants to purchase a Nikon D3000 , better off get the Nikon D5000 which is better in lowlight and great ISO handling compare sa D3000.

    Im selling my D5000 for low as 28k and Negotiable and Im including my Battery Grip [Meike] and UV filter for free.

    Reason For Selling: Hospital Bills.
    Please im a serious photographer selling for a serious buyer.

    A RUSH sale please txt or call me at 09225819104. Look for JJ

  53. waaa.. sayang nakabili na ako ng D3000. try ko benta sa kuya ko and D3k and txt kita to negotiate about your D5k. That’s a good deal with battery grip na po yan?? nice

  54. Guys if you’re planning to get a D3000 much better to go for D5000

    D3000 is not good in lowlight shooting
    D5000 is better and has Great ISO handling

    Im selling my d5000. RUSH
    Only for 28k and still Negotiable

    with Kitlens 18-55mm VR
    MEIKE battery Grip [php 3,000]
    and UV filter

    Reason for Selling: hospital bills.

    please contact me at 09225819104

    Very good condition, Im a serious photographer for a seriuod buyer.


  55. sir mgiinquire lng po kung meron keo n d40 or 1000d na ranging from 12k – 15k,its ok if its used dslr,as long as in gud shape.looking forward for your reply.tnx

    1. hi po..i saw your question..i have a dslr po that im planning to sell for only 15k cash..its a cannon 300d..its in very good shape..my scratches lang konti..im selling it because i want to get nikon to try it..if you are interested kindly text me..09061141868..thanks.

  56. When you buy cameras and or camera accessories from Hidalgo, of course they are cheaper compared to the malls. This is because Hidalgo is a grey market. They sell “imported” cameras and accessories but no USA Canon warranties. Kaya mura. If you plan to buy EF lenses with L, think twice before buying from a grey market. Dahil pag nasira ito without warranties, di ko alam kung maayos ang after service support sa Hidalgo

    1. Most stores have an option for an official warranty. Hidalgo is not purely grey. The items sold in Hidalgo (for non-grey items) are cheaper because the operational cost of the store in Hidalgo is way lower as compared to the stores in Malls. I agree with your thoughts in buying grey products.

  57. Hi, I’m a college student from Bicol. Super desperado po ako for a D90 and sa sobrang gusto ko magka-D90, napapanaginipan ko na yun..hehe..no joke. Tanong ko lang sana kung pwede hulog-hulugan (installment) sa HEnry’s? I receive salary naman every month?


  58. hello guys, thanks for the information here. Just want to ask magkano kaya ang average price ng canon 55-250mm IS along quiapo? Thanks.

  59. i jst wana ask kung mgkano po ang nikon d3000 kapag 12 months to pay?(bali magkano lhat in cluding the interest?) tnx po!

  60. hi! magkano po ba ang Nikon D90? planning to buy one from Hidalgo, sa Nikon Store sa mall, grey unit sya 47,500 with kit lens na. mas mura kaya sa hidalgo.

  61. mga bossing meron po b nagbbenta ng mga lens and accs. sa hidalgo na pwdeng ideliver international?? pa sagot po please thanks..

  62. hi,

    i’m selling my complete nikon system.

    Body: Nikon D80
    Lenses: AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IF-ED; AF 50mm f/1.8D; AF-S Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IF-ED (non-VR)

    all lens comes with hood and filters; front and rear caps;

    also giving away my lowepro camera bag (ex series)

    everything comes with their golden box and manuals + cd

    everything in prestine condition

    always kept in dry cabinet

    email me at mms102304@yahoo.com

  63. hi,

    i’m selling my complete nikon system.

    Body: Nikon D80

    Lenses: AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IF-ED; AF 50mm f/1.8D; AF-S Zoom Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IF-ED (non-VR)

    all lens comes with hood and filters (except the 50mm); front and rear caps;

    also giving away my lowepro camera bag (ex series)

    everything comes with their golden box and manuals + cd; Nikon D80 Photography Book

    everything in prestine condition; no scratches or used marks; no molds or fungus on lens

    always kept in dry cabinet

    interested – email me at mms102304@yahoo.com

  64. @marra
    sa hidalgo po malapit sa quiapo church.
    last weekend lang bumili kmi d90 @45.5k tas discounted pa battery and tripod kung bilhin mo ng sabay.

    mga stores doon mostly nasa 46k yung d90

  65. LF: 3ccd videocam sony pd170 second hand and in good condition magkano po i’m interested to buy… pls txt how much thnx 09107440467

  66. i bought ixus 120 last july 24 at avenue photo shop. from P14,950PHP to P12,800php… nice right? however when i told my family that i got this cam from quiapo their like… sana cnb q nlng s mall ko to nbili. pro oks lng nmn un. i love canon!. thanks GOD!!!

  67. query lang po kong magkano ang canon battery grip BGM-E8L with 2 batt.,diffuser for SL-430XII AT REMOTE SWITCH RS-60E3.

  68. Gud noon, ask ko lng po kng meron cila nabebenta na canon a590is lens sa place na yan.. and magkno po ung range of prices?.. Thanks.:)

    1. hi! D5000 is P30,500 in henry’s, with bag and 4gb sd card but since you’ll e needing a UV filter (P400) and a dust blower (P600), it will cost you P31,500.

      i suggest you bring someone or some people with you and divide your money in different pockets.

      be safe!

    1. talaga? u think this this month mas mababa xa ngeon? im planning to buy d90 kc sana 45k ko din makuha or lower. i really want d90 camera so badly…

    1. 23.5k sa henry’s but don’t come in sundays bcoz they’re closed. i don’t know if they’re also closed on saturdays. the rest of the shops there prices 24k. if you need also tripod add 1k. sa henry’s hindi ko alam. just bring extra money in case you buy tripod.

    1. 23.5k sa henry’s but don’t come in sundays bcoz they’re closed. i don’t know if they’re also closed on saturdays. the rest of the shops there prices 24k.

    1. 23.5k sa henry’s but don’t come in sundays bcoz they’re closed. i don’t know if they’re also closed on saturdays. the rest of the shops there prices 24k.

  69. hello, i have a Metz AF 48-1 External Flash, i use it with my Pentax cam, i am so enjoying the flash but unfortunately it blew up, not the bulb itself but something inside of the unit just goes “boom” and dies, i opened it and found out that the transformer is busted, by any hope, does any body knows if there is a shop that fixes flash in Hidalgo? Thanks

  70. the current price of nikon D3000 is 23.5 in henry’s and the rest is 24k. don’t come on sundays in henry’s because they are closed. i don’t know if they also closed on saturdays.

  71. Good day,. Gusto ko bumili ng DLSR this year and ask ko lang kung my price list kayu ng gantong unit thanks
    please help me 🙂


    1. kakagaling ko lang sa watson photo shop kahapon. yung price nung nikon d5000 is 29,500. pero sabi sakin nung may-ari nung shop, malapit na daw mag-phase out yun. and he recommended the d3100 which is cheaper at 26,500. mas bago nga daw yun. hope this helped. 🙂

    1. Today at Hidalgo (16 March 2011) and a D7000 was going for PHP 52500 (body only) at AVENUE. Kit is 10K more but would not recommend the kit lens!
      Unfortunately for AVENUE they had no D700 FX in stock so got that at HENRY’s, which offered good service and best price of all (better than Mayers (shabby store) and Watsons. Important to canvass to the 5 best known stores there. Good luck!

  72. hi, ask ko lang po sana how much un lumix gf1 at lx5? i hope you could help me. thanks. including po un d3100. thanks.

    1. D7000 – Php 62,000.00

      Henry’s Photo Supply
      Address: 310 P. Gomez St., Quiapo, Manila
      Tel: 733-7723, 734-6198
      Fax: 734-4018
      E: henryscamera@yahoo.com
      Contact: Henry Ong
      Products: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Assorted Studio lighting and lots of batteries


  74. hi lakwatsero! im a novice when it comes to dslr’s.. ask k lng which is better nikon d3100 or d5000?? i noticed kc 14.2 mp ung d3100 eh ung d5000 12.3 mp lang.. does dat mean na mas maganda resolution ng d3100?

  75. im planning to buy TAMRON AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di (NIKON) macro, pls help me if this lens will Auto-Focus on Nikon D3100… compatible ba to sa d3100? may motor po ba to na mga autofocus… Where can I buy… out of stock sa Henrys… Please help Thanks

  76. Hi Ann,

    How much is your floor price sa second hand Nikon D3100? give me ur best price and I will buy it anytime today if it fits my budget.

    Kind regards.

  77. i need your reply asao,, how much is your brand new nikon d90 sa quiapo.. in which shop will i found the cheapest one..

  78. good day po! ask po magkanu po tamron AF 18-270mm f/3.5-6-3 Di II VC LD Aspherical (IF) macro for canon? mayrun po kayo?

  79. magkano po kaya don ang nikon d3000 or canon eos 1000d. masyado lang maliit budget ko at mag uumpisa pa lang ako sa dslr.

    baka may marerekomenda din kayo iba pang model na kapresyo lang o mas mura.


  80. hi! any idea kung magkano ang 70-300mm is usm lens jan? thanks. im in uae at ang price dito is around 30php depende sa forex. Salamat

  81. hi, how much po un pnka mura d2? ung battery nya is li-ion.. hnd po ung aaa batttery… kahit anong model po pls help me…

  82. FS: Canon 60D Bought December 2010- with Phils. Warranty till 2013.. all original box and accessories. with kit lens for only 49k bought it 64k at canon store… reason for selling: Working overseas needs funds…

  83. Latest prices po ba to?? Need an urgent answer… Thanks po.. And kung may kasam pading manual uing mga nkapost na camera. 🙂

  84. Nikon D7000 (kit) – P 58,500 Ano po name ng store mabi2li ung Nikon D7000 na may ganitong price na nka post? Please Reply po

  85. guys, just asking kung tlgang mas cheaper sa quiapo? and magkano ang difference compared sa mga malls? or canon stores sa mga malls?

  86. boss ung Canon 500D – P 33,000 anu ung mga ksma nyang accesories pcnxa n newbhie aq s DSLR actualy konti lng alm ko jn pro gusto q bumili nkapasyal n kc aq jn e…

  87. Kuya Kit na po ba yung Nikon D5100 ? Tapos ano bang magandang lens na pwede idagdag kasi may Budget na ako pero Di ko alam kung anong bblhin ko

  88. Sir,

    Help naman, Im new to photography and planning to nikon d7000. It’s has a better specs
    compare to other dslr, but i want to hear a comments from those who already using dslr.

    Thanks in advance

  89. gud day sir, im from northern mindanao and i have learned that the place is the best place to buy DSLR cameras, meron po bang delivery kasi cant find time to go to Quipo..planning to buy Nikon D5000..For delivery sytem kasi its more convenient for us ….pls give me more info ..thnks

  90. never tried buying there, but always hear na cheaper nga sa hidalgo.

    is it safe to buy there? original or new ba talaga items they sell?


  91. wow, thank you for the infomation, one thing, i find some of the comments posted weird. sana aware silang blog site ito at hinde kayo yung mismong store. besides, na supply niyo na rin naman yung nos. at details nung camera shops, may phone naman para mag inquire. 🙂 anyways, THANKS…

  92. Hi guys!

    If I will buy affordable digital cam coz my old digital cam is only Sony H55 what would you suggested brand? I want in the middle of Digital Camera and SLR.

    I asked before about Sony H90 but if you can suggest best brand for me and specific item, that would be great.

    They say the best in digital camera is Canon and in SLR is Nikon – is it true?

    Please help, coz it quite confusing for a starter with minimal budget only.
    Thank you in advance.

  93. Hello. am looking foran SLR cam for beginner, may I as which one is best? am working on budget… thanks for your suggestions. I love blog.

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