Blogger’s Magicalympics at Enchanted Kingdom

It was only last November 2009 when I last went to Enchanted Kingdom where we spent our Halloween weekend.  I’ve been in this park n times before.  I even remember my college friends giving me a scrapbook with one full page of my photos from the different instances I visited EK.


Last May 10, day after the iBlog 5, we were invited by the management of Enchanted Kingdom for an unforgettable day in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Little that we know that they have prepared an “Amazing Race” type of activity for us.  I thought at first that they’ll just tour us around but they didn’t mention that we’ll be doing something different while we’re having our tour.


Before all the exciting activities in the afternoon started, EK first let us experience the new movie being shown at the 4D Theatre.  I think it’s new because from the several times I went to EK, the only movie shown in the 4D Theatre is Pirates.  This time, they let us see “Journey to the Center of the Earth” which stars Brendan Fraser.


Little that we know, the 4D Theatre is just a fraction of what we will be experiencing in the afternoon.  Enchanted Kingdom prepared an Amazing Race type of activity for us, the Magicalympics.  Magicalympics is a team building activity designed by Enchanted Kingdom for corporate clients and big groups.  The primary objective of the Magicalympics is to build team work among the members of each competing team.


Since the highlight of the whole EK trip was the Magicalympics, our friends from Enchanted Kingdom divided us into five teams. I was the assigned leader of the purple team. The entire Magicalympics game comprises ten different pit stops from the different areas in the park.  The goal of each team is to finish all pit stops in the least possible time.  After completing a pit stop, depending on how we performed our tasks, we will either get a bonus chip or a penalty chip. We were the first to finish the race but we landed second because of some penalties we received.

Among the pit stops, my favorite was the the Anchor’s Away. In fact, Anchor’s Away is among my least favorite rides in the park but the task they gave us made me lift it from my hate list.  The playing members of the team were divided into two groups. One group will throw tomatoes while the remainder of the group will catch the tomatoes being thrown by the other members while riding the Anchor’s Away. Crazy isn’t it?  Anyway, I can’t discuss much the details of the other pit stops. Please refer to Vanjohnn’s Enchanted Kingdom Magicalympics post for details.


After the race, we were free to do whatever we want for the remainder of our stay in the park.  We took that opportunity to camwhore. I went with Mica, Vanjohnn, Jhelo, Aethen, Bryan, Jason and Ed. Though the entire day’s activity was exhausting, every effort we went through was worth it. The experience is truly memorable.

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