Weekend Trip to Cebu

Taoist Temple

Weee! I’m going back to Cebu City this weekend for some business. It has been sometime since the last time I went there. I’m excited for my weekend trip. I was hoping I could meet all of my college classmates and blogger friends but the idea seems muri (impossible). I might meet up with some Cebu Bloggers on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, after their Sumilon Island trip.

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Worldwide Photo Walk


Woot! I’m excited for my first Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk this afternoon. I registered for the Makati leg and it’s a good opportunity for us to take photos. We’re lucky ‘coz we’ll be able to get shooting permits from the Makati authorities. Getting a permit to take photos in the central business district is really difficult so I should maximize the little time they have allocated for us.

We’ll be meeting up at Rada Street in Legaspi Village this afternoon. I don’t know anybody from the pool of photographers participating in the Makati leg. I’m bringing my three lenses for this afternoon’s shoot. I’m excited.