Mooon Cafe in Ayala Terraces

Mooon Cafe in Cebu is one of the few must-try restaurants that I failed to visit during my six month stay last year. I had a couple of attempts but I always failed. Every time we visit Mooon Cafe at The Walk (in Asiatown IT Park, Lahug), there’s always a long queue of customers. The place is never empty especially at night.

Mooon Cafe

During my last visit to Cebu City, I managed to dine at Mooon Cafe in Ayala Terraces. Lucky for us that we went there earlier and we were able to choose our seats. We opted for the place nearest the door which was apt for our food photography needs.

Mooon Cafe serves Mexican food that’s why for starters, we ordered Quesadillas Uno.

Quesadillas Uno

We also ordered Gambas ala Luna for appetizers. I was expecting it to be spicy but it was not as spicy as the ones I have tried before.

Gambas ala Luna

The Baby Back Ribs, one of the house’s specialty dishes, is a must-try dish.

Baby Back Ribs

The Chicken Mozarella Melt is also a favorite among their menu.

Chicken Mozarella Melt

At present, Mooon Cafe currently operates in three locations. The main restaurant is in Andres Abellana in Guadalupe, Cebu City. The second one is in Asiatown IT Park in Lahug, Cebu City. The one in Ayala Terraces, where we dined in, is the most recent Mooon Cafe that opened.

In conclusion, after waiting for a year and traveling to and from Cebu, my long wait to dine at Mooon Cafe was worth it. Mooon Cafe will be among my favorite dining places in Metro Cebu.

36 Replies to “Mooon Cafe in Ayala Terraces”

  1. Alam mo I like it there too! Thanks to Mariz, I love their dessert! Yung chocolate mousse ish. I love their cocktails. Yung ribs, diba dun sa Casa whatever (if forgot) πŸ˜› haha

  2. I and my husband had a dinner in mooncafe terrace ayala last Feb 13, 2011. I ordered Quesadillas Vera Cruz and I didn’t speak that the Quesadillas has too much cheese and its very different taste to the Quesadillas that I tried in Mexican Resto especially in On the Border Mexican place in South Korea .

  3. Mooon Cafe’s Mexican Baby Back Ribs is humongous for my diet. Their Gambas ala Luna is one of my favorite. And I love their Sun Coolers drink!

  4. Visited Mooon cafe for the first time last February. Great place . . the baby ribs are to die for.. Be early coz this place filled up so quickly Definitely going back next time Im in cebu

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