Visiting Baguio City

Session Road, Baguio City
Session Road, Baguio City - One of the most crowded places in downtown Baguio

One advantage of living in Manila is the accessibility of tourist places like Baguio City from the metro. Unlike when I was still living in Davao City or Cebu City, I only get to visit Baguio City whenever I have an important business or a scheduled vacation or trip. And not to mention the cost of traveling from the province to Manila and from Manila to Baguio.

In my previous post, I have mentioned that I took the liberty in going for a weekend backpacking trip. It was unplanned and everything was spontaneous. Here are a few tips you can follow based on the trip that I had.

Where to take a ride going to Baguio City?

There are several bus lines and bus terminals that offers shuttle service going to Baguio. Before we decided which bus to take, we were able to read a few blogs mentioning about a De Luxe bus from Victory Liner.  It’s a bus with business class-like amenities. The entire De Luxe  trip will take five hours (non-stop trip from Manila to Baguio) as compared to the seven hours with a regular bus for the whole Baguio-Manila route. De Luxe lines charge 750 for a one way ticket whereas a regular bus charges 500.00.

One of the most popular activities in Burnham Park
One of the most popular activities in Burnham Park

Where to stay in Baguio City?

The last destination of the bus (Victory Liner) is its company’s passenger terminal. Upon getting off the bus, chances are that a few men will approach and ask you if you already have a place to stay. Don’t fear my friend, these people are there to help you. These are hired men of the Baguio City’s Tourism Department to help tourists get a place to stay while in Baguio. Make sure that your dealing with the guys wearing the ID with a Baguio City Government seal. They usually charge fifty pesos (PhP 50.00) for assisting you in getting your hotel. They will take you to different hotels until you’re able to pick your choice. You’ll be riding in their car or van free of charge (or rather it’s included in the fifty peso fee).

If you’re too anxious to trust these guys, you may also want to take a chance at the nearby Microtel Suites hotel. It’s approximately 30-meters away from the Victory Liner passenger terminal. Unfortunately, when we went there the last time, the hotel was fully booked and we opt to trust the tourism guys (we didn’t know at first that these guys were legit) we have met earlier.

The Mansion, the official residence of the first family in Baguio City.
The Mansion, the official residence of the first family in Baguio City.

Where to go in Baguio City?

Baguio City offers a lot of tourist destinations for its guests. You might want to start with the famous Burnham Park which is just a few minute walk from the city’s poblacion area. A few blocks away from the park is the Session Road which is usually packed with tourists shopping or looking for a place to dine.

Among the other interesting places to see (visit) in Baguio are the following:

  • Lourdes Grotto
  • Wright Park Riding Circle
  • The Mansion
  • Mines View
  • Good Shepherd Convent
  • Camp John Hay
  • Philippine Military Academy
One of the flowers that can be seen at Botanical Garden

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  1. Baguio is one of my favorites for rest and recreation: best scenery, best weather… the Mirador Jesuit Villa (above Lourdes Grotto) is a best place for retreat.

    thanks for posting this. galing!

  2. sa baguio ako sinagot ng aking tunay na mahal,kaya pinaka mahal ko ang baguio next to subic and cainta.i miss baguio i hope i could go back.

  3. Hi Lakwatsero!

    might be needing your help and a little advice, my friends & i (group of 7 adults 2 kids) will be visiting baguio this weekend, can you recommend a place to stay, we prefer a house for rent rather than staying in a hotel. thanks in advance.

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