Philippine Beaches: Samal, Davao City

Thanks to Byahilo’s DiscOVIry contest that forced me to explore the depths of my photo library for photos of Philippine Beaches. I’ll be posting in the coming days a few of the 7, 107 beach destinations in our country. I have always dreamed of visiting all of these but for now, let’s enjoy few of my lakwatsas (trips).

Angel Cove, Samal, Davao City

For the first photo, I present to you the Angel Cove in Samal, Davao City. This little paradise is among the hottest snorkeling and diving destinations in Samal Island. The last time I went there was during our December 2007 island hopping in Davao (Samal).  Whole day boat rental usually ranges from 5000 to 7000 pesos. It’s worth it especially if you share the expense with a group.

Samal Island, Davao City
One of the sceneries during our Island Hopping in Samal, Davao

Babu Santa, Samal, Davao City

The photo above is from Babu Santa in Samal, one of the drop-offs during our Island Hopping. I’ve only been here a couple of times and I fell in-love with this place. It’s an undeveloped white-sand beach resort. We have used this place before for our photo shoot. A few nipa cottages are available for rent for guests who wish to stay during the day.

Photoshoot at Babu Santa, Samal, Davao City
Fran during our photoshoot in Babu Santa

These are just a few of the beaches that can be seen in Samal, Davao City. Unlike in most places in the Philippines, the weather in Davao is typhoon-free with occasional  rain-showers at night. Thus, you can beach-hop all year round.

Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Boracay

Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay
Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay

When we were in Boracay, we were lucky that the weather was sunny. Of course, getting thirsty is inevitable under the heat of the sun. Our travel expert friend texted us that if we’re up to some drinks, we should try to visit Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Station 1, Boracay. We had a hard time locating the Jony’s restaurant in Station 1 because we thought that Station 1 ends at PADI’s headquarters. We were not aware that Station one continues beyond that private resort beside PADI’s. Jony’s is located a few resorts after the private resort next to PADI’s. Continue reading “Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Boracay”

Eriko’s House: Cheap Hotel in Boracay

Eriko's House in Station 2, Boracay
Eriko's House in Station 2, Boracay

After we arranged our trip schedule and flight arrangements to Boracay with SEAIR, the next thing we did is to find accommodations in Boracay. We first thought that this part is going to be easy since it’s the off peak season of the year. We received recommendations from our frequent Boracay goer friends to check out Taj Guesthouse in Station 2. Apparently, the place is already full so we decided to check out Tans Guesthouse, which is within the same compound where Taj’s is. Unluckily, they are also booked for the weekend. They recommended to check out Eriko’s House though, another guest house within their compound. Continue reading “Eriko’s House: Cheap Hotel in Boracay”