Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Boracay

Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay
Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay

When we were in Boracay, we were lucky that the weather was sunny. Of course, getting thirsty is inevitable under the heat of the sun. Our travel expert friend texted us that if we’re up to some drinks, we should try to visit Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Station 1, Boracay. We had a hard time locating the Jony’s restaurant in Station 1 because we thought that Station 1 ends at PADI’s headquarters. We were not aware that Station one continues beyond that private resort beside PADI’s. Jony’s is located a few resorts after the private resort next to PADI’s.

My personal favorite, Jony's Tropical DJ.
My personal favorite, Jony's Tropical DJ.

I decided to get myself Jony’s Tropical DJ. This concoction is a mix of all available fruits in the restaurant. The drink is a MUST for anyone who wants to try Jony’s. If I remember right, we paid P80 to P100 for each drink that we ordered.

Kuya Erik's drink, Mango-Papaya Shake
Kuya Erik's drink, Mango-Papaya Shake

Mica ordered her Mango Shake and Kuya Erik ordered Mango-Papaya Shake.

Keeping cool under the heat of the sun with refreshments from Jony's
Mica and I, enjoying our beach-side seats outside Jony's

I must say that the drinks were worth the money we spent since they serve in in tall 16oz glasses. It’s enough to refresh yourself while bumming on the beach.

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  1. What? There are no PADI headquarters on Boracay. There’s not even an official PADI office in this country, the nearest one being in Australia.

    PADI is simply a private company that teaches a certain style of recreational diving and if your instructor has their certification, then his dive-shop is ‘accredited’ by them and can display the logo. They’re one of 10 major diving groups and only heavy in SE Asia and the USA. In Europe, they’re almost unheard of.

    That PADI sign you saw was nothing more than someones diving shop. Trust me, if someone ever made the claim of being any kind of official office, PADI would be swift with a massive lawsuit.

  2. Bro,

    When I was in Boracay last Feb and navisit ko lang is Jonas Fruit Shake. My friends told me na may Jony’s pero I thought it was Jonas. Haaayyy.. Sayang naman.. Hopefully I will be back in Boracay to taste Jony’s fruit shake. Thanks for the information!

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