Happy Cream Puffs

A couple of weeks ago, our Japanese teacher gave out custard-filled buns (or whatever that bun is called) on her birthday. That was the time when I first tasted a Happy Cream Puff. I didn’t bother asking Sensei either on where she bought it. After a week or two, some of my officemates brought boxes of Happy Cream Puffs in our office during our weekend overtime. That’s when I learned where they bought those delectable heavenly goodies.


I’ve been planning to visit Happy Cream Puff’s outlet in Makati but I never really had the chance of doing so. That’s why afternoon, on our way to Greenbelt 5, I decided to stop by at the Legaspi Village’s branch of Happy Cream Puff. The outlet is located at the corner of Rada and dela Rosa Streets, a few minute walk from Greenbelt.

Mini Cream Puffs coated in Chocolate and Strawberry

The shop is just a small cafe. There were not much people around when we got there.  Two cafe attendants greeted us when we entered.

Since I was used to the classic cream puff (photo above), we decided to order a box for P150. Little did I know that they also have different variants of the happy cream puff. The have mini cream puffs coated with chocolate, strawberry and caramel. The photo below shows a caramelized cream puff with almond toppings.

Cream Puffs topped with Almond

You’ll be surprised to know that a basic cream puff only costs P30 per piece and the mini cream puff costs P20 per piece. It’s cheaper than the doughnuts from Krispy Creme or the cakes sold in Starbucks. The next time I visit Happy Cream Puff, I’ll be bringing more friends and try the other variants of this heavenly goody.

Mini Cream Puffs with Caramel coating and Almond topping

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