A glimpse of the Filipino’s past at the Lopez Museum

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to get invited to a museum tour at the Lopez Memorial Museum in Ortigas. The Lopez Memorial Museum is one of the few private museums opened to the public which showcases a collection of artifacts and works that depict the Filipino culture and heritage.

I was able to tour the “After the Fact” exhibit last weekend and boy it was great. I’ve been to museums in Brunei, Malaysia and Japan but nothing can be compared to the experience of going back to your own roots. The “After the Fact” exhibit at Lopez Museum shows the various stories that have been unfolded within the museum for the past 50 years.

Last February 18, the Lopez Museum and Library has celebrated its 50th year in preserving artifacts that depict our culture and heritage. In line of this celebration, the Lopez Museum and Library published the “Unfolding: Half a Century of the Lopez Memorial Museum and Library“, a book that gives focus on how the Lopez Museum had been in the past five decades of operaton.

The Lopez Museum library features a wide collection of books that are as old as those published in the 17th century. Among their collections are the different maps created by the Spaniards in our early stage of colonization, actual copies of Jose Rizal’s letters to his family,  old photo albums and other sources of information that are of high value to the Filipino heritage.

The photos below are just few of what can be seen at the Lopez Museum and Library. The first two photos are the photos of Juan Luna’s España y Filipinas, a commissioned work that he did while he was still studying in Spain.

The photo below is a mounted artwork of Icarus’ new wings which is based in the Greek mythology character Icarus who attempted to fly by attaching bird feathers on to his body using wax.

The Lopez Museum at 50

The Lopez Museum and Library is located at the ground floor of Benpres Building, Stock Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig. Museum days and hours are Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 5pm, except holidays. For more info, call Fanny or Jane at (63-2) 631-2417 or visit www.lopez-museum.org.

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