First time in Puerto Princesa City

The Puerto Princesa trip last Friday was my first trip to Palawan. I never really had a decent preparation due to tons of work I had to finish during the weekdays. Despite the busy week, my work didn’t stop me from getting excited for the much awaited Palawan trip.

The Manila-Puerto Princesa flight went well. In fact, I can’t remember any significant detail during the flight since I was sleeping for most of the time. We arrived in Puerto Princesa in the afternoon and we were greeted with a fair weather. A van commissioned by our hosts took us to the different sites within Puerto Princesa. I’ll go into details in the succeeding posts.

I enjoyed my 3-day stay in Palawan very much. The 3-day trip was not enough to experience all the beautiful things Palawan has to offer. We haven’t even experienced half of what can be done and what can be seen in Palawan. On my next trip to Palawan (September), I’ll try my best to try the things I haven’t tried on my first trip.

More details on my Palawan trip next time. (I’m too sleepy to remember everything right now).

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