Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon

Pahiyas Festival is an annual celebration in Lucban, Quezon to give thanks to their patron saint San Isidro Labrador for the year’s bountiful harvest. The locales usually celebrate it by decorating their houses with colorful kiping or rice wafers, crops, fruits, flowers and vegetables. This festival is usually celebrated every 15th of May and the locales would sell the traditional Lucban longgasnisa or the famous Pansit Habhab.

Pahiyas Festival

What to buy

If you’re visiting Lucban for the Pahiyas Festival, you might want to bring home some pasalubong. The longganisa is one of the most popular items bought as pasalubong by tourists. I’m not sure though which brand or which store sells the best longganisa but finding one within Lucban wouldn’t be difficult since a lot of these are displayed on the street sides during the festival.

Pahiyas Festival

Where to go

It may not be a ‘must’ for the non-Catholics but the Lucban Church is one of the most visited areas during the Pahiyas Festival. Since the celebration about giving thanks to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, before the celebration starts, the locales visit the town’s church to attend the mass. Also, the parades usually begin and end at the church.

Lucban Church

How to get to Lucban, Quezon

The route we took when we went to Lucban was the Lucena-Lucban route. From Cubao, take a bus going to Lucena City. There are also buses in Buendia-Taft which are en route to Lucena City. From Lucena City, take then Lucban bound jeepney. The trip from Manila to Lucban is approximately 3 hours while the Lucena-Lucban trip will take you 30 minutes.

From the jeepney drop-off point in Lucban, explore the town on foot. Most of the streets are closed during the Pahiyas Festival. If not, going within the town on a car would be difficult due to large traffic of people walking on foot.

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