Snake Island

Snake Island is one of the most popular destinations in any Honda Bay island hopping tours. I have been here last year during my first visit in Puerto Princesa and the best I could remember about the place is that my left leg was bitten by an aggressive fish (or maybe it was hit by an aggressive fish’s fin) while I was feeding the smaller fishes with bread.

For this year’s visit to Puerto Princesa, Snake Island was our second destination. Right after having lunch in Pandan Island, our group headed to Snake Island. The island is a long stretch of sand bar with a small population of mangroves and patches of grasses. The entire island is shaped like a snake, hence it’s name. Getting to the Snake Island from Pandan Island didn’t take us long (approximately 10~15 minutes). Also, the waves weren’t as strong as it was on our way to Pandan.

Another part of the Snake Island that we weren’t able to explore the last time I was in Puerto Princesa is the mangrove areas. The mangroves are located on the side opposite to where tourists usually are. It was noticeable that Puerto Princesa is working on reviving the mangroves in the area. A large part of the island are planted with new mangrove trees.

Another thing we got excited about in going to Snake Island is halo-halo. The last time we were there, all of us bought a glass of halo-halo from the sari-sari store in the island. And we did the same thing on our most recent visit. Though the it’s not as good as the one’s you can buy from Razon’s, it’s still worth something specially when you’re under the heat of the sun.


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