Chicken Charlie, my favorite chicken in town

It was in August 2010 when I first tried Chicken Charlie. After we did a tour within the University of Santo Tomas campus, the Redors brought us to Banawe for an unknown treat.  And that was the first time I tried Chicken Charlie. Just like in a fancy romantic love song, it was love at first bite (get that? :P).

It was a long distance relationship. Chicken Charlie is in Banawe while I am boxed in my comfort zone in Makati. Even though we’re kilometers apart, I had been always loyal to CC. Bonchon was not even good enough to change my heart.

It was in December 2010 when we went back to Chicken Charlie, this time with a model, Coy. And just like the first time, the crispy Soy Garlic chicken never failed to impress me. Chicken Charlie’s chicken are doubled fried to achieve a crunchy skin while maintaining the juicy and tender meat in the inside.

Some people want their CC hot and spicy that’s why Chicken Charlie developed two signature sauces for their chickens. One is the Soy Garlic, my favorite, and the other one is Hot Sweet Sauce.

I heard Chicken Charlie opened branches in San Juan and Malate. We’re planning of going there this weekend. I’m excited.

If you want to visit Chicken Charlie, their Banawe branch is located at:

592a N.S. Amoranto St. Cor. Banawe St. Quezon City
Telephone Number: 742-3333


360 Three Sixty Restobar in A-Venue Mall

Eat. Drink. Lounge. Party.

A couple of nights ago, together with some of my blogger friends, we were invited for dinner at the The Three Sixty (360) Resto-Bar in A-Venue Mall, Makati Avenue. The Three Sixty Restobar may not new to this area but you can be assured that a new kind of dish is served. According to Three Sixty’s chef and owner, the restaurant’s menu is a product of his trips to the different parts of the world. By adopting the Filipino taste into the recipes he learned abroad, he created a fusion unique in the dishes served at Three Sixty.

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Happy Cream Puffs

A couple of weeks ago, our Japanese teacher gave out custard-filled buns (or whatever that bun is called) on her birthday. That was the time when I first tasted a Happy Cream Puff. I didn’t bother asking Sensei either on where she bought it. After a week or two, some of my officemates brought boxes of Happy Cream Puffs in our office during our weekend overtime. That’s when I learned where they bought those delectable heavenly goodies.
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Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Boracay

Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay
Jony's Fruit Shake in Station 1, Boracay

When we were in Boracay, we were lucky that the weather was sunny. Of course, getting thirsty is inevitable under the heat of the sun. Our travel expert friend texted us that if we’re up to some drinks, we should try to visit Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Station 1, Boracay. We had a hard time locating the Jony’s restaurant in Station 1 because we thought that Station 1 ends at PADI’s headquarters. We were not aware that Station one continues beyond that private resort beside PADI’s. Jony’s is located a few resorts after the private resort next to PADI’s. Continue reading “Jony’s Fruit Shakes in Boracay”

Ayala Terraces in Cebu

Ayala in Cebu has changed a lot since I left in October 2008. Only a few days after I left that Ayala Terraces opened. The Ayala Terraces is the result of the few months of renovation of the back part of the ACC. The entire complex now houses restaurants and food establishments both coming from Cebu and other parts of the country.

Ayala Terraces

The ambiance of the place gives people the impression that everything within its confines is expensive. But don’t be deceived with its looks. On the contrary, I find the rates of the food establishments here relatively affordable (as compared to Metro Manila prices). So far, I’ve only been able to dine at Mooon Cafe — a Mexican Restaurant, Sunburst — Cebu’s signature fried chicken and UCC Cafe.


The Ayala Terraces is a PhP 600M development project by the Ayalas in Cebu. The Terraces, which was originally Ayala Center Cebu’s Lagoon before it was renovated, comprises 8,000 square meters of available floor area for establishments. The addition of the Ayala Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu gives Cebuanos a new definition to their urban lifestyle.

Ayala Terraces at night
Ayala Terraces at night