Experiencing PAL’s In-flight service on board the Boeing 777-300ER

The Manila-Toronto trip was a lot of firsts for me and PAL. The Manila-Toronto trip was PAL’s first non-stop flight to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada using their newly delivered Boeing 777-300 ER. For me, it was my first time to set foot on Canada, first time to get business class service in an international flight and first time to cross the international date line. Yey!

The Manila to Toronto non-stop trip takes approximately 17 hours. That’s a really long time to waste. Here’s a list of activities that I was able to enjoy while on board PAL’s Boeing 777-300ER.

1. Enjoy the best cuisine from top international chefs


Your tummy will never get empty while on board PAL’s Boeing 777-300. For the entire duration of the 16-hr flight, I have lost count on the number of meals that I had. The food served during the flight were created by top Filipino chefs.

2. Get a good sleep with full-flat Mabuhay Class seats


Sitting through a 17-hour flight is not that easy that’s why the new Boeing 777-300 are equipped with full-flat seats for all Mabuhay class passengeres. The seats have different preset settings you can choose from. Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re working on a presentation, watching a moving or getting a good nap, you can be assured to experience great comfort.

3. Enjoy fully digital inflight personal entertainment system


Flying 16-hours non-stop halfway across the globe will give you a pretty long time to kill boredom. During the Manila-Toronto leg of our trip, I must have watched four movies (Kimidora, Brave, What Happens in Vegas and The Day After Tomorrow) and two complete music albums from PAL’s fully digital personal inflight entertainment system. The system is preloaded with almost a hundred titles of the latest movies from different genres and several collections of music and games.

4. Power-up your gadgets

Your gadgets will never run out of power while on board the Boeing 777-300 ER. The seats, both for coach and business class are equipped with USB power points for your gadgets. Be sure to pack your USB chargers with your hand carry luggage. Business class passengers can also enjoy AC power points for their laptops and other gadgets.